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flickr friday [transplant]

some of you might know and some might not but in the past couple of months i was awarded a front row seat at one of the biggest and life changing events ever: bone marrow transplant. the reason for this has been an ongoing battle with leukemia. with a lot of luck and a donor with matching blood type that was available and willing to donate (someone just kind enough to give … even to a total stranger!) today happened to be day ZERO. i wont go into detail of the event but to learn more about blood cancer or bone marrow transplant visit marrow.org

transplant prep, originally uploaded by anitam.com

i have decided to document the entire process and will share the project with you in the next weeks and for now you can see a quick preview above … as you know today is friday … flickr friday to be exact and of course the word that not only came to mind but also has been part of our life:

[trans-plant] to transfer (an organ, tissue, etc.) from one part of the body to another or from one person or animal to another

Head Transplant, originally uploaded by shadowplay

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