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humble arts foundation

image by sarah stonefootas i was reading my daily dose of artsy emails & updates i stumbled upon the humble arts foundation newletter. while browsing their website i came across the online solo and group shows (what a great way to get your art.fix without leaving your home). and the present group exhibition happened to catch my eye. specifically the work of sarah stonefoot if you have few minutes feel free to check it out by clicking on the image and also visit her personal website.

other artists featured in the GROUP SHOW #30 are Magda Biernat, Gerard Suk, Jason Reed, Jamil Hellu, Brent Boggs, Andrea Bakacs, Melanie Flood, David Schoerner, Joe Small, Nat Ward, Rebeccca Loyche, Carl Wooley, Josh Murfitt, Jeff McLane, Samuel Sachs Morgan, Megan Cump, Sarah Stonefoot and Michel Mazzoni. (to learn more about each artist click here)

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