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breakthrough | ehrenWORT

breakthrough [ehrenwort: 26.09.10]

[June 2009 in Harlem, NY]
it happened to be one sad & wet day for the fan of michael jackson … the king of pop has died and the people gathered despite the rain to celebrate him! i was there and saw the “madness” not only with my eyes but also with my lens … massive crowds and heavy rain can only mean somebody will try to breakthrough

click here to check out more images from the MJ tribute

now few words about ehrenWORT
i came across it on my sister’s blog @ maedchenwahn.com and decided to go with it and “produce” some creative work while focusing on each weeks word of honor that is randomly selected but the prior weeks winner. doesnt that sounds like fun? if you would like to learn more about ehrenwort [word of honor] read more about on their blog

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