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[Sept 17, 2009] a somewhat nerve racking day … we waited so long for it to come! it could mean so much or so little but all we knew was that will make it happen as a team. the big day, perhaps the biggest which we learned down the road! our saint gave us a chance and we took it … ready or not here we were waiting on ONE bag filled with LIFE, brand new healthy life! within only 30 minutes it was over … the miracle was done and the waiting has just begun …. we documented it ALL!

[Sept 17, 2010] a year has passed and so did he … MyLove has finished his journey and left me behind with our project … finally i find the energy to finish what we started a year ago … it will be awesome and i am ready to teach the world about journey and take the fear from those just getting started … as you look down on me i am getting things done one day at a time!

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