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two years have gone by …

back then by anitam.com

time flies, times heals, time we can never get back. and so have passed TWO years since you found your final rest. you are now free of pain and not knowing if there is a tomorrow. i am grateful for the journey and chance of standing by your side, as we once said until death us part. and always remember you have a home in my heart.

let’s remember the good times we shared and all the laughs that still echoing around … i believe that images allow us to revisit a moment and relive it and therefore i am inviting you to go back in time one more time. please visit the Tracy Eley Memorial gallery by clicking on the image above and/or leave a memory/comment below to show your respect not only for his battle with leukemia but also celebrate his life. and if you haven’t done it yet check out his transplant story as we decided to document his fight against leukemia.
maybe his life was cut short but forever he will live on in our hearts.

RIP MyLove

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at heaven's gate on canvas
online exhibition² for the transplant project
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