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From Polaroid To Impossible – a book of instant art

The art of Polaroid – the first presentation of the legendary instant film‘s fascinating range of materials and techniques.

While the world evaporates into the digital, the anachronistic Polaroid snapshot dominates media and advertising. The recent sale of the photography collection owned by Polaroid’s inventor Edwin Land to the Viennese photography museum WestLicht marks an art-market trend toward the analog. Beginning in the sixties, Polaroid supplied artists around the world, from Ansel Adams to Andy Warhol, with each one of the imperium’s latest products. In 2008, when the last instant film factory was rescued from demolition by the company Impossible, the founder’s commitment to collecting could be carried on as well. This publication features selected Polaroid masterpieces and new Impossible instant photography by contemporary artists such as Stefanie Schneider and Nobuyoshi Araki.

if you interested in purchasing your copy of from polariod to impossible” from the impossible project click here. i know i will get one since i am such a instant art fan 🙂

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