the graduate bob at bumble & bumble

the graduate bob  the graduate bob
the graduate bob  the graduate bob
the graduate bob

my friend told me about the bumble and bumble university model project and since it's new year and i needed a new look i figured i just go. first one must go to a model call to evaluate your hair which happened to be on monday. together with the stylist you can decide which signature cut you would like to get and then are scheduled for an appointment. sometimes you might have to wait for weeks but lucky me picked a style, the graduate bob that had a training class three days later which happened to be earlier today ...
first i was bit nervous but to be honest it couldn't have gotten any worse than my boring bun that i have been seen with for years. my stylist rebecca was really nice and did an awesome job as you see from the pictures above. it didn't feel like somebody was test driving a razor on my head but rather like a relaxed appointment at a high end salon. and the occasional input from the graduate bob guru roy didnt interrupt the session at all - plenty thumbs up to the bumble and bumble crew! they offer color service as well which i am going to early feb and should have footage from it too ... btw did i mention all this awesomeness is for FREE! i mean you cant go wrong with that!

now go ahead and sign up for your new look for twenty.twelve here -
just one click away from the improved you!

After Bumble & Bumble saw my blog post they have sent me and email saying:
"Please continue to share your experience with friends – we always welcome referrals and if someone you refer schedules a haircut, they will receive a $10 product credit to use at their first appointment."

with that said my friends if you would like a great new haircut plus $10 product credit at your appointment - simply contact me at and i will refer you to get a fantabulous new haircut too!