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celebrating life with random acts of kindess

today is a special day for many reasons:
first and foremost it’s my late husband’s birthday. he was a fighter that stood up to leukemia and fought hard to win the battle. unfortunately this is the third birthday i will celebrate without him being present but he has allowed me to witness a miracle and stand by his side until death did part us. HAPPY BDAY MyLove!

also next week i am starting a new chapter in my life focusing on giving back what once was given to us. i have now teamed up with the Icla Da Silva Foundation to educate, motivate and recruit marrow donors for patients in need of a transplant. we were truly blessed to find a match and have the hope for a healthy life. so i have made it my mission to give back. because 1swab can save lives!

and speaking of our match, a stranger that didn’t know anything about us, decided to not only give us his stem cells but also a letter that has changed my life forever. read for yourself some of his words and take in the random act of kindness that means the world to a person facing death. he indeed has become our SAINT.

“I understand our lives have intersected at a time and place neither one of us expected. I’d never thought I’d be part of the donor program and have never given it any thought since it was years ago when I volunteered. And while many questions ran through my mind when I was contacted, none of them included not helping you. I’m doing this because it would be very selfish of me not to help. I’m doing this because we should answer the call to meet the needs of those less fortunate than ourselves and I consider it a privilege to be a member of your medical recovery team.” the entire letter you can find at 1swab: random act of kindness
let the bitter-sweet celebration begin and if my message has moved you to BE THE MATCH and join the registry, touched you to financially SUPPORT patients currently fighting for their life or made you curious to learn more simply visit www.1swab.com!

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