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Tai Chi at the Viennese City Park

one must look to see the beauty of everyday life!

if there is one rule i strive to follow is to keep my eye wide open. while running errands or traveling the world my third eye is constantly seeking “the “different” things to capture. on a recent trip to vienna, as i was walking around the Viennese City Park, i watched a young man engage in the art of tai chi (or at least i believe that is what i saw). instantly i remembered that sometimes we forget to slow down and take in what life has to offer, always in a rush from A to B missing the beauty happening right in front of our eyes. he has moved me to not only watch him for a while but also learn something new by awakening my curiosity to tai chi. after all isn’t life all about sharing, caring and learning? i bet he had no clue that on the afternoon of april 24, 2012 his routine would set off a train of thoughts which moved me to think and blog about it.

perhaps one day we cross paths again … with one click at a time!

And should you want to see more about Vienna feel free to check out »the stone faces of vienna, »don carlos at the vienna state opera house and »the rooftops of vienna.

Next stop: » Geneva, Switzerland.

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