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From Geneva with Love

Last spring I was invited to travel to Vienna, Austria (see links below) and Geneva, Switzerland. While boarding the plane in New York, a feeling of returning to something old and familiar came over me and despite the fact that I have spent most of my life in Europe (Germany) there were so many lessons I have learned on this trip within such a short period of time. This journey has been a blessing in more ways than words can describe. From the moment I have touched ground in Vienna until minutes before take off in Geneva many amazing things happened. Time flies when we enjoy ourselves yet I managed to explore new ways of thinking, found time to reflect on what is important to me and rediscovered joy that allows me to look forward to tomorrow (which has not been so much the case). For once I happened to find myself not only at the right place, but also I was there at the right time and circumstances introduced me to something beautiful that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

After initial turbulence at he airport (leaving Vienna) we have arrived in Geneva and headed over to our hotel (L’hotel angleterre) overlooking Lake Geneva with the Jet D’eau. Such a calming view, especially if one is used to the NYC traffic and the closeness of your neighbors windows. Plenty of space to breath and simply exhale, leave all the pressure behind and enjoy just being alive! Switzerland is known for its watches but time stood still whenever we only allow ourselves to sit back and relax.

Without a plan we walked the streets and allowed our curiosity to lead and our feet to carry us around. We have entered the NO stress zone and enjoyed every single minute of it. We had only one rule: reflect, redirect and collect the beauty unfolding in front of all our senses! Silently we sat by the lake for hours observing the peaceful reflection in the water and the swans gracefully dancing around. I am happy to announce that I have returned from Geneva with Love in my heart and also brought memories and images to keep those moments alive!

From Geneva with Love one click at a time.

And since Vienna, Austria is just around the corner make sure you check out »the stone faces of vienna, »don carlos at the vienna state opera house, »tai chi at viennese city park, »the horeses of vienna and »tai chi at viennese city park.

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