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World Humanitarian Day: I was here.

My birthday is quickly approaching, another year has passed and I AM HERE! As we grow older & hopefully wiser our needs, wishes and desires change. Maybe I shall not take the freedom to speak for others but this past year has been  filled with growth and reflection on what I REALLY WANT out of  my life. For some time now I have been day dreaming of traveling the world and capturing not only its beauty but also the painful truth about the less fortunate people around the globe. And out of all places I came across I WAS HERE on my Facebook page. Immediately I knew what I had to do and since I was blessed with the gift of having an eye for photography I decided to utilize my talent to expose conditions from the “poor” world to those willing to see and help. If we put all our efforts together this world will be a better place. So on this World Humanitarian Day (Aug 19th 2012) I will make a promise to do my part to capture the truth and open your eyes to the many blessings we sometimes forget we have in our lives … with one click at a time!

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