First of all HAPPY 12.12.12! Over the past few weeks I have been somewhat busy with a new project called INSTA.POLA.NYC. The prints have now dried and now it's time to celebrate! Over the next 12 days (until Xmas) I will post ONE polaroid from the project on my blog and make the photo of the day available for you to download for FREE. All you have to do is follow the link I will below each image, click on the buy button to add the image to your cart and at check out use coupon code 12.12.12 to receive the download via email. This might sound a tiny bit confusing but it's easy with one click at a time and most importantly it's FREE. Should you want more than a download, there is an option to buy metallic prints or you can contact me with special orders. Let's not wait any longer and say hello to INSTA.POLA.NYC

12 days until Xmas = 12 INSTA.POLA.NYC photographs = 12 FREE downloads

INSTA.POLA.NYC #01: Central Parking
Central Parking by anitam.com
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