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Week51 of Instagram³: Legally Speaking with INSTAGRAM

Week51 of Instagram³ brought plenty of Press for Instagram and even more fed-up users. Just one week short of completing my 52Weeks of Instagram project I decided to take an involuntary break from Instagram and see how they will handle/solve the media outrage about Instagram’s New Terms of Use. At the end of the day Instagram is a business and has to do what is most profitable for them but to tell me that you can take my images, sell them to other parties and not compensate me for it just wont fly, especially with all the photographers that make their living with creating images. Immediately the folks at Instagram addressed the issue with a “thank you, and we’re listening” note and few days later updated their Instagram Terms of Service to a more user friendly version. After all they have blamed it on the legal terms that brought the confusion and so much more. I wonder how many users actually deleted their accounts and refuse to use Instagram’s photo sharing service?  

After all is said and done, I will return to Instagram (anitam_com) for one more week to finish my 52 Weeks of Instagram³ project and continue my iPhoneographic Journey one click at a time.

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