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In Focus: Nan Goldin

Nancy “Nan” Goldin (born, September 12, 1953, Washington, D.C.) is an American photographer. She is an example of an artist who works at the most intimate level: her life is her work and her work, her life. It is nearly impossible to discuss Goldin’s photographs without referring to their subjects by name, as though the people pictured were one’s own family and friends. It is this intimate and raw style for which Goldin has become internationally renowned. Her “snapshot”-esque images of her friends — drag queens, drug addicts, lovers and family — are intense, searing portraits that, together, make a document of Goldin’s life. Goldin herself has commented on her photographic style and philosophy, saying, “My work originally came from the snapshot aesthetic . . . Snapshots are taken out of love and to remember people, places, and shared times. They’re about creating a history by recording a history.”

Read more about Nan Goldin on brain-juice.com

Find more of her work at Museum of Modern Art, Matthew Mark Gallery or artnet.com.

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