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iTell 2013/01: Forgotten Treasure

forgotten treasure by anitam_com

in the brownstone once full with life, one could find her presence still alive. the old lady has gone away, but left her belonging there to stay. a wardrobe full with fancy clothes, diaries of journeys around the globe. i bet she must has been full of joy, the lovely lady with her doggy toy. it’s said she moved to a different state, to be assisted in every way. but why would she leave all memories behind? perhaps to forget her once fabulous life!

After finishing my 52Weeks of Instagram³ for 2012 I have decided to continue my journey in a bit different way. Instead of three photos a week, I will only choose one which will be accompanied by a short story. This will allow me to pay more attention to my surroundings to capture the story of the week, force me to translate my point of view into words and improve my single image story skills. The rules will remain the same, all images will be taken with my iPhone with minimal pre-instagram edits. I might, or might not, use filters during the Instagram upload. Each story will be one or two paragraphs, simply going bit into depth on what I see, and at the end of 2013 I will have created another visual diary!

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