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Sandy Exhibit at New York Photo Festival

AnitaM at NewYorkPhotoFestival Sandy Exhibit

SANDY: Devastation, Document, Drive Exhibit 
Exhibition: February 4 – March 1
Reception: Weds, February 13, 7-9PM
The day after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City I went out with to capture the aftermath. I walked from the Lower East Side all the way up to Upper West Side and it seemed that the city has been divided in two. Above 39th street life seemed to be normal but everything below would turn pitch black after dark. The only damage in my part of town happened to be a week without power but countless people lost so much more.
When I heard about SANDY: Devastation, Document, Drive Exhibit at The powerHouse Arena I decided to take part to support those that lost so much more than words can describe. I guess good deeds pay off as my images have been selected for the exhibit and I will be traveling to The powerHouse Arena for the reception night, FEB 13th 2013. On that note come out to support the art and help others to get over the damage that SANDY left behind.

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