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Passionate about everything photography, AnitaM has made it to her mission to capture all precious moments of life, and explore the history behind the craft of photography and its connection to fine arts. Originally from Germany, she moved to New York City in early 2000, where she spent most of her time photographing “unwanted & abandoned properties”, perfected her photo retouching/editing/manipulation skills, and worked on various personal projects while traveling around the globe. By the end of 2015, she decided to explore Asia, specifically South East Asia, and never looked back, making Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) in Vietnam her new home where she plans to stay for a while to capture its charming beauty and somewhat laid-back yet hectic way of life.

Whenever she is not traveling around the world to capture people and their surroundings, she writes essays about photographycurates photography exhibitions, analyzes "old photographs" for ANALOGPAST, works on personal photography projects, and shares her talent for high-end photo editing/manipulation/retouching with Saigon’s creative industry. But if you really wish to know more, feel free to connect with her via facebooktwitter or instagram.

"Photography opens the doors to the past, but it also allows us to look into the future."


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