Can a year-long project bring happiness?

Happiness Project 2018
Many of us may have asked ourselves over and over again: What is Happiness? And while the answer should be specific to each person, after all we are individuals driven by different wants, needs and desires, I wanted to explore if it’s possible to improve my own happiness by following a set of simple guidelines for a whole year, and making it a year-long Happiness Project.

Happiness Project 2018

But before I get started let’s just look at the common definition of Happiness:

   1. obsolete good fortune prosperity | 2. a state of well-being and contentment joy  

   3.  a pleasurable or satisfying experience  | 4. felicityaptness 

Now, that we have a working definition of the word happiness out of the way, let’s focus on how we can achieve or maybe improve our daily happiness with the Happiness Project.

Happiness Project 2018

First things first, every time I would go to a bookstore, I’d come across this blue happy cover with capital yellow letters reminding me of my current state of Happiness. After several failed attempts of picking up the book to finding my true happiness, and even adding the digital version to my Kindle, I have finally managed to get a copy from the e-book offering from the New York Public Library. Totally thrilled of finally taking the first step, I have promised myself to read it one chapter at a time and follow the suggestion in order to rediscover/awaken my happiness. The author, Gretchen Rubin, has sectioned The Happiness Project book into 12 chapters for each month of the year with a different focus point to conquer. And, in order for me to complete the happiness mission, I’ll read only one chapter for each given month and share my experience with a monthly summary (#HappinessProject2018).


Plan of Action: My Happiness Project

For the next 12 months, I will read the a chapter of the book, follow the “instructions” given for each month, and report with a summary of my experience linked below (bookmark this page).

Jan: Boost Energy // Vitality

Feb: Remember Love // Marriage

Mar: Aim Higher // Work

Apr: Lighten Up // Parenthood

May: Be Serious About Play // Leisure

Jun: Make Time for Friends // Friendship

Jul: Buy Some Happiness // Money

Aug: Contemplate The Heavens // Eternity

Sept: Pursue a Passion // Books

Oct: Pay Attention // Mindfulness

Nov: Keep a Contented Heart //Attitude

Dec: Bootcamp Perfect // Happiness


Once the year-long project is over, I shall share with you the ups and downs of my Happiness Project 2018.

Stay tuned as the journey to elevate my happiness unfolds …


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