Happiness Project: March // Aim Higher

Happiness Project - Aim Higher

Happiness Project - Aim Higher

Still totally engaged and in the running, month three of the #HappinessProject2018. After a break in India, March was all about AIMING HIGHER. Even before starting the Happiness Project, I’ve decided to my career a “re-fresher” so it was prefect opportunity to dedicate some extra time to the following suggestion:



March // Aim Higher // Work

launch a blog

enjoy the fun of failure

ask for help

work smart

enjoy now


Below are my findings and accomplishments for March. Some of them I have already been doing for some time. others needed more than just a little push, but overall I have the following to report:

Launch a blog: My blog (you’rereading it right now) has been already in place for some time, but not until just recently I decided to give it a face lift. Design mission accomplished, only need to do some spring cleaning on the display of older content and re-publish. Also, I have redesigned my business website as well – have a look at AMPD Studio and tell me what you think!  √

Enjoy the fun of failure: Who likes failure? I’ve certainly shied away on many occasions (on professional level) and maybe didn’t get the job because my fears! Going forward I will be more proud of the many skills I have acquired over the years and live up to my full potential … first stop: Creative Consultant in Southeast Asia 

Ask for help: I’ve ask and the universe has answered! I was invited to take part in the MistressMind group in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s a small group of expat women who have set professional goals for themselves, and are looking for accountability and support to get things done. √

Work smart: While living in New York, I’ve seemed to be doing much better with working smart and always felt like I’ve accomplished much more. Maybe the fast-paced environment of the city that never sleeps is the reason but I am re-committing myself to finding my old “work smart, not hard” flow. I will schedule my time better and divide tasks to eliminate procrastination and distraction by the many fun things one may find around the house working from a home office. Mission activated now …

Enjoy now: Truly enough, the idea of accomplishing something specific may be more the reason of what makes us happy than actually the state of emotions we experience once we reach the moment. So, in order not to “fool” myself  anymore, I will focus more on feeling happy once something is done and not only happy when working towards it. I aim higher to enjoy NOW. √


Conclusion: While I feel more aware of what is happening in and around me, it may be just too early to say that I have found total happiness. But with that said, it takes practice to make something perfect so on we move to explore April’s focus  to “Lighten Up” as I live in the moment of NOW, happily ever after!



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