Happiness Project: January // Boost Energy

The Happiness Project - Boost Energy

The Happiness Project - Boost Energy

Just like every year, many people around the world make New Years resolution to only abandon them only few weeks later. This year, I’ve decided to only have ONE resolution: The Happiness Project 2018 (#HappinessProject2018). I will follow along the “instructions” give in The Happiness Project book and summarize the experience at the end of each month. After all, accountability is the first change required on the path of re-gaining one’s true happiness.


January // Boost Energy // Vitality

go to sleep earlier

exercise better

toss, restore, organize

tackle a nagging task

act more energetic


The above mentioned areas were my focus on in January. Some of them I have already been doing for some time, others needed more than just a little push to accomplish but overall I have the following to report:

Go to sleep earlier: I am pretty early riser and also tend to go to bed at a decent time … some may say way too early. But that only means mission accomplished! 

Exercise better: Last few months of 2017 have not been the best health-wise for me. Now, since I feel better it was time to play catch up. I am back to my usual routine of running but also trying to add on strength training and yoga to my program. So far my fitness app is happy with my progress, and so is the scale. 

Toss, restore, organize: I must admit I have always been a bit of a “can’t let go of things” person, so while I have started to sort out my closet (more work needed) and slightly organizing things around the house (neat freak alert), I have also decided to sort out on my digital clutter (emails, files, backup drives,etc.) for once and all. It’s a great start but certainly will take a while to sort it all out … missing in progress until complete.

Tackle a nagging task: I have made a list of tasks and some of them are done others require the cooperation of third-party which only means delay. Of course, there are more items on the list that are waiting to be sorted in one way or another but overall I will keep my task list handy and scratch off things as they are done.

Act more energetic: After draining few months dealing with a cough which I found out is due to pollution (sigh), I am now ready to “Act the way I want to feel!”. Knowing the cause for my “energy-loss” helped me to understand what to do to avoid it and how to bring energy back to my life with mindfulness, smiles and sometimes even a little faking. But it’s all for a good cause! 

Food is Key: Yes, I know it was not on the January to-do list but it’s my belief that proper diet is part of healthy & happy living. Therefore, I have cooked more at home, ate mostly vegetarian food and made sure it was more about quality than quantity. After all, we have only one body that can make us happy! 


Conclusion: While I feel more aware of what is happening in and around me, it may be just too early to say that I have found total happiness. But with that said, it takes practice to make something perfect so on we move to explore February’s focus  to “Remember Love”.



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