Happiness Project: February // Remember Love

Happiness Project - Remember Love

Happiness Project - Remember Love

The overall focus of the second month of #HappinessProject2018 was all about #LOVE. Not only did I get to reflect on what it really means to me, but as circumstances wanted, for the first time in my life I’ve visited India, attended a traditional Indian wedding, and experienced the epitome of love during my visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra. The timing was simply right and I could have not asked for a better place to contemplate & appreciate love.


February // Remember Love // Marriage

quit nagging

don’t expect praise or appreciation

fight right

no dumping

give proofs of love


The above mentioned areas were my goals for February. Some of them I have already been doing for some time. others needed more than just a little push to accomplish but overall I have the following to report:

Quit nagging: So far, I must admit, the hardest thing to do for me was to quit nagging. I wouldn’t say I overdo it but to be fair at times I sometimes get lost in “complaining” when things do not go my way especially when in new situations, therefore it’s only fair to say that I will continue to put more effort in less nagging and more appreciating of what I have in my life. With that said, let’s consider it work in progress with updates pending …

Don’t expect praise or appreciation: Who doesn’t like to hear “job well done” from time to time? Of course, as an independent creative consultant, there is less may be less room for praise from co-workers … so from time to time friends and family are somehow wrongfully “expected” to shower me with compliments. After putting some thought to it, I have come to understand that it is just wrong. Whatever I am doing in my private or professional life I am doing for ME, and if I can’t find satisfaction in completing whatever it may be, I shall not expect others to praise me for it. Rather than waiting for appreciation, I will focus on the joy I receive from doing the things that ultimately will give pleasure to others. √

Fight right: Luckily fighting is not something very common in my world. There may be small disagreements which seem to resolve themselves after some time without the need of lengthy discussion. Fingers cross that it will stay this way forever, but shall we encounter troubles, I’ve learned to be less self-centered and let things go from time to time. √

No dumping: Aren’t we all at fault from time to time and unload all the stress we encounter, even unrelated, in our loved ones laps? It may be good to have a shoulder to lean on and ears to listen to us, but we must remember that too much isn’t healthy either. So note to self … less dumping = happier home.   √

Give proofs of love: Based on my upbringing and culture, I may not be the most expressive person when it comes to showing love. And certainly this month I have witnessed and first-hand experienced what it feels like to be surrounded by love. I am grateful and will continue to work on showing more love not only to my partner, but also family and friends who happened to live on the other side of the world with one call or visit at a time.

Conclusion: Still very overwhelmed with all the love and realization of how much the smallest gestures may mean to others, I shall move on  March’s focus  to “Aim Higher”. After all, as I have learned so far to be happy, I need to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth.



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