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Photography from the 19th century Iran

Before getting into the history of photography of the 19th century Persia (now Iran), it is important to briefly outline the overall history of medium and its development to better understand the topic at hand. While some may say the history of photography has its roots even as far as into ancient times where the…

In Focus: Antoin Sevruguin

Antoin Sevruguin (Persian 1830-1933 :آنتوان سورگین: ) was an Armenian-Iranian photographer in Iran, also known by the name Serunian, Sergruvian, Sevriogin, Sevrugin, and Sevraguine, during the reign of the Qajar dynasty (1785–1925). See more of Antoin Sevruguin’s photographs and glass plates in the collection at the Freer & Sackler Galleries – Smithsonian and click here to…

The Three Inventors of Photography

As we know today, the history of photography goes back into the ancient times when camera obscuras were used to form images on walls in darkened room. Over centuries the quality output of the camera obscura has improved, but it was not until 1826, when Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce combined the camera obscura with photosensitive…
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